No Games Visits DePaul Class

No Games volunteers visited this class On Tuesday, September 1. It’s one of many, many such events our organizers have attended at no charge and without pay to themselves. We’re just saying – if someone WANTS to lay a six-figure salary on us, that would be great. In the mean time, we are available to speak at community meetings, classes and other public events.

On behalf of our DePaul University Discover Chicago class, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you gave to our Olympics Day. Your presentation on No Games Chicago’s stance on the Olympics framed our day and allowed the students to think critically about the possible negative impacts the Games may bring.

Armed with information and in-depth analysis from you and your group, Dr. Alexander, and Ms. Valerie Leonard of Lawndale Alliance, our students articulated their concerns about the Games to representatives from World Sport Chicago and the 2016 Bid Committee when we visited their offices in the afternoon. Students asked questions about the true benefit of a Velodrome in Douglas Park, about the ramifications for Collins Academy High School, and how private investment in the community could potentially drive up housing costs, causing displacement and relocation of residents. Without your conversation with our students, such critical questions would never have been raised.

We are truly grateful for your part in illuminating issues surrounding Chicago’s Olympic Bid. We appreciate your participation in our Immersion Week and your involvement in being a co-educator of our students. Best of luck to you and your group, especially in the coming month!

Many thanks,
Liezl G. H. Alcantara
Ph.D. Student, Community Psychology Program
Instructor, Department of Psychology


2 responses to “No Games Visits DePaul Class

  1. Many thanks to No Games. I live 40 miles away, partly due to awful displacement by so called “gentrification” in the late ’80s. It left an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth about mt home town. We don’t need still one more opportunity for corruption and displacement. If i were closer i’d come to more rallies…

  2. Brazilian living in Chicago

    It is Said that Rio will probably receive the games and we Brazilians will pay for more corruption scandals.

    Unfortunately, the population in Brazil still believes what the “authorities” tell them, something that does not surprises me as the functional literacy there is a problem.

    Some points about why the games should not go to Rio are here:

    I honestly want Tokyo to win, this way it wouldn’t hurt the two cities I am “associated” with – IMO Madrid is out form the start.

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